At the 2023 Future Collector Car Show, David Flinn claimed the prestigious Best of Show award with his 2002 Honda S2000. As the winner, Flinn will be displaying his S2K at the upcoming 2024 show, scheduled for January 21 on the Polo Field at WestWorld of Scottsdale during Barrett-Jackson’s 2024 Scottsdale Auction. Since the vehicle is not eligible to be judged a second time, Flinn has submitted his 2016 Porsche 981 Spyder for consideration at this year’s FCCS.

The Spyder is finished in Guards Red with a leather interior and special lightweight carbon bucket seats (LWBs). With a love for sports cars, Flinn said he began looking for the Porsche late in 2019. “I had found one in the exact configuration I wanted: red, leather, with the LWBs and silver wheels, but it was all the way across the country from Arizona in North Carolina.” Flinn, who lives in Arizona, added that at the time he hadn’t done much research into the Porsche brand and didn’t realize how option-specific the cars could be and how common or rare that could make them.


Flinn spent years searching classifieds and various Porsche forums trying to find a car with similar specifications to the one in North Carolina he had first laid his eyes on. “What I didn’t realize several years ago was that there were only four Guards Red Spyders with the LWBs and silver wheels produced,” Flinn said. He managed to track down a few owners of the car he desired, but none were ready to sell.

In 2021, Flinn spotted his dream car – the one he had first seen for sale in North Carolina – up for grabs in the San Francisco Bay Area. He found the owner on Instagram and offered to buy the car, but the owner didn’t seem interested. Six months later the car showed up on a San Francisco dealer’s website. By this point, the car had been modified with a rear diffuser and Soul Performance exhaust, and the plastic triangles by the side mirrors had all been painted red to match the body. Flinn said the car was listed for an “astronomically high price,” so he waited.

More time went by. The waiting game paid off, and Flinn at last purchased the Porsche in September 2021. While the car was in transit, complete with its OEM exhaust, Flinn was able to order replacement parts for everything that had been painted red so he could restore it to its original OEM look upon arrival. In addition to returning the car to its stock appearance, Flinn also added Soul Performance street headers as well as a performance tune-up.

“I absolutely love the Spyders! As far as I’m concerned, they are some of the best street cars ever made, and one of the best-looking modern Porsches,” Flinn said. “If you haven’t gotten to experience one, I highly recommend that you do.”

Flinn is entering his Porsche Spyder to be judged in all the award categories for which it is eligible, including Best of Show. See Flinn’s 2016 Porsche Spyder at the 2024 Future Collector Car Show, Sunday, January 21, on the Polo Field at WestWorld during Barrett-Jackson’s 2024 Scottsdale Auction.