Joseph Garcia has always had a passion for lowrider car culture and drifting. Naturally, when he bought his 1989 Nissan 240SX in 2015, he decided to combine these two styles into one unique car.

This Nissan is powered by a 2.5 liter, 1JZ-GTE engine mated to an R154 manual transmission. The engine has been equipped with ARP head studs, BC titanium springs, BC titanium retainers and a custom Car Shop D-Style turbo manifold. Boost is provided by a Garrett G30-660 turbo with a Turbosmart ProGate 50mm external wastegate and a Turbosmart 50 blow-off valve, with the exhaust expelled though a custom setup. Lowrider influence can be seen under the hood, which houses the Powerhouse Racing polished cam gear, custom polished and engraved valve covers and a coil pack cover, along with a fully polished intake, throttle body, turbo piping, power steering reservoir and coolant reservoir. It is also equipped with a True Focus Fab oil catch can with an engraved vent cover.

Other modifications to this Nissan include CUBE tripod billet bushings, Radium oil cooler fittings, a Derale oil cooler and power steering cooler, a Koyorad dual-pass radiator, a DW upgraded fuel pump and an Aeromotive fuel regulator. The transmission utilizes a Clutch Masters Stage 4 clutch kit and Competition Clutch flywheel.

Its stance comes from a set of BC Racing Extreme Low coilovers with Voodoo13 and Battle Version upgraded arms. To achieve the necessary drifting angle, the car has been fitted with Maverick modified drift knuckles and front lower control arms. The front subframe has been modified to relocate the Sparky Built custom-spec Stage 3 rack, equipped with PBM inner and outer tie rods.

Stopping power comes from a set of drilled and slotted rotors with Hawk racing brake pads, GKTECH brake lines and GKTECH handbrake extenders. This S13 rides on a set of rare, fully polished 3P Garson Ryugi wheels featuring a 5-inch lip up front and a 5.5-inch lip at the rear, both attached to the car with Nismo lug nuts.

The front of this 240SX has received a Nissan Silvia S13 front-end conversion and has been fitted with a Works9 body kit finished with custom Blue Sapphire Black paint. One of the most eye-catching elements of the car is the custom lowrider-style roof with flake and Kandy paint, pinstriping and gold leaf, complete with an Origin Lab Type 2 roof wing.

Other body modifications include an Origin Lab Type 2 trunk wing, a BN Sports hood, AeroCatch titanium hood latches, 50/50 taillights, a carbon-fiber GTR grille, a carbon-fiber gas door and OEM brick headlights, as well as a vented light, Type 4 front fenders and Type 2 rear over fenders – all from Original Lab. The front end has been fully stitched, tubed and tubbed by ActionFab.

Inside, the 240SX has a full gusseted roll cage with door bars. Racing BRIDE and Thrash seats keep both the driver and passenger secure with BRIDE seat brackets, while the engine’s vitals are monitored by digital AEM gauges. The interior also features D-Max-style floor mats, a Vertex wheel, an OEM-style coverlay, Crow racing seat belt harnesses, an engraved old-school Nismo shift knob, a full fire suppression system, a full Switch Pros wiring setup and a Kandy Gold plaque with the Surreal Customs logo.

See this 240SX on the Polo Field at WestWorld of Scottsdale during the Future Collector Car Show, held January 22 as part of the 2023 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. Keep up with the FCCS on Instagram at @FutureCollectorCarShow.